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Global Developer Report

By GitLab

Good code is not an end in itself—its goals are business outcomes that your team is under immense pressure to meet. 


Software excellence depends on quality code. Register to learn how new code review practices are reshaping how businesses deliver customer value.

In this on demand webcast, Discussion Product Manager Victor Wu shares:

Why Code Quality is Important

Keep up with the market by shipping better features, faster.

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On Demand Webcast: Code Review: A Business Imperative

Learn a few best practices we employ to release clean code every month.

Best Practices

How We Develop at GitLab

Get an inside look at our process, and why “code review” is too narrow to describe what we do.

What’s Next After Agile/Scrum

Hear how our async and remote-only needs make us look ahead.

Meet the Presenter

Victor enjoys creating products to enable people to do things, and to do them well. He's especially devoted to understanding individuals, whether they be customers, coworkers, friends, or family. Before joining GitLab, Victor worked in fintech and foodtech.

Victor Wu
Discussion Product Manager | GitLab

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