— 2016 —

Global Developer Report

By GitLab

6pm - 8:30pm on March 29 at District Hall
75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02110

We at Gitlab have been working to make software development easier and more accessible to enterprise development teams. Our goal was to a design a product that would allow enterprise companies to adopt modern development practices without compromising security.  

Come hear, Success Manager, Reb, share how GitLab 9.0 helps enterprise teams solve new challenges of modern software development. Covering:

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GitLab Gathers: Boston

Meet the Presenter

Reb loves working hands-on with customers. He has many years of experience in doing so, over a wide range of industries and environments in consultative, support, and training situations. He is passionate about technology and enjoys discussing it with others. An avid traveler, Reb is always looking for the next interesting place to visit.

Richard 'Reb' Baum
Success Engineer | GitLab

Learn how nested groups are a great solution for collaborative and distributed teams.

Enterprise Collaboration

Development and Ops Visibility

Deploy boards- Users will be able to watch a deploy from start to finish: seeing it roll out across pods.

Measurement and Monitoring

Starting with 9.0 users will be able to measure the performance of their application and measure the performance of GitLab.

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