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Global Developer Report

By GitLab

6 - 8:30pm on March 23 at the Barrel Room, Denver Brewing Co.
1695 Platte St. Denver, CO 80203 

Software excellence depends on quality code. Register to learn how GitLab 9.0 features can reshape how businesses deliver customer value.

At this event Amanda Folson, Developer Advocate, shares:

Why Code Quality is Important

Keep up with the market by shipping better features, faster.

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GitLab Gathers: Denver

Learn a few best practices we employ to release clean code every month and some stories from the field about how other teams are using the tool. 

Best Practices

How We Develop at GitLab

Get an inside look at our process, and why “code review” is too narrow to describe what we do and how GitLab 9.0 can enable your team. 

What’s Next 

The future of development and future product pipeline.

Meet the Presenter

Amanda began her career as a technical writer and consultant. She went to her first conference in 2011, which is when she decided that she wanted to take a more active role in community building. The rest was history. When she's not on the road, you'll find her nose-deep in a book or wrangling code for some obscure project or another.

Amanda Folson 
Developer Advocate | GitLab

Meet our Reseller

ReleaseTEAM is a consulting company specializing in DevOps and Software Configuration Management. Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the task of tracking and controlling changes in Software Development. Development Operations or DevOps is process automation, automating the process for software projects from start to finish, from concept to production.

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